Escape the daily routine and find deep relaxation alongside exhilarating adventures with A2B Haven Retreats!

Our meticulously crafted retreats go beyond the ordinary. We offer a unique well-balanced approach, where restorative yoga and mindfulness practices intertwine with exciting activities, movement and fitness workshops, designed to reset, recharge, reenergise and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Imagine your days starting with calming yoga sessions, followed by heart-opening hikes or thrilling water adventures. As the sun dips below the horizon, unwind with fellow travellers, indulge in pampering body movement treatments, and create lasting memories.

Discover Retreats to Reset and Recharge Your Mind and Body

Well balanced polarity retreats for a fun and rejuvenating experience for all abilities and fitness levels

What do we offer on our retreats?

Join us in immersive experiences in serene settings where you can:

🧿 Deepen your yoga practice, where you will be guided through sessions such as Yin/Yang, Vinyasa Flows, Yoga Nidra and Meditations.

🧿 Learn to fly through AcroFUN Yoga workshops.

🧿 Unleash your creative spirit through expressive movement, such as Flow Dance Meditation classes

🧿 Find your inner warrior through Primal Tribal Movement sessions.

🧿 Enhance your strength and mobility with invigorating fitness classes

🧿 Indulge in rejuvenating body massage sessions

🧿 Connect to your adventurous side in nature through fun outdoor activities such as hiking, exploring, biking and paddle boarding

🧿 Unite with a community of like-minded individuals seeking personal growth and well-being.

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

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