”The retreat really allowed me to connect to my own yin and yang, not in opposing forces but as a complimentary aspect to my whole self..."

- Rochelle

”A couple of these experiences were my first. The Yin & Yang Flow was my first time, and I really loved the way it opened the body.”

- Anusha

”I was quite apprehensive before I went because I didn't know how I would feel when I got there, but instantly I was met with an instant warmth and positive vibe. I felt at ease, safe, and comfortable right away.”

- Marnie

”It was beautiful; it was amazing. It showed me that my body is capable of far more than I realized and thought I was capable of being able to do. It opened my eyes, and I really, really, really want to do another one as soon as possible.”

- Gill

”I haven't done anything like this, but it was the most great experience ever...”

- Saulius

”I left feeling calmer than I have felt in years, and my hips are definitely grateful for the increased mobility!”

- Lauren

”It significantly change the way I train now... It's helping with different angles of my life, it's just flexibility and strength, that I am gaining, but also mental and spiritual aspects. I am clearing up my head...”

- Sandra

”It was exactly what I needed, for me to be connected to my body and my mind, and just a day off to really focus on movement, focus on myself, focus on breathing"

- Jagruti