Fitness Fun and Mega Dance Party

Collaboration with Charlotte Chazel creating a super fun fitness and dance event

7/8/20231 min read

We had such a great weekend in Brighton! After an introductory class on Saturday, we choreographed a Flashmob, which we intended to perform in some peculiar streets and along Brighton Beach.

We managed to land the flash mob in five different locations, which created a lot of excitement in Brighton's busy neighbourhoods. We danced in tandem with Brighton skaters, who were outfitted in rollerblades.

Our Saturday night culminated in a dinner centred around the 1920s Great Gatsby theme, followed by a private silent disco held 450 feet above the ground on the i360 viewing platform. It was quite the party!

We got together on Sunday at the Iron Works club studio to combine fitness and dance for a super fun and simple Street Cardio started us off with some well-known music tracks and a "Step Up" movie vibe. Then, in order to increase our endurance and level of fitness, Arnie made us move our bodies to tribal music.

After hosting a fantastic The Showdance Experience to Lady Gaga music, Charlotte concluded with a dance party and a lovely, spicy-flavored cool-down.

Just take a look at all the pictures and videos below of the perfect dance and fitness weekender.

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