Yin & Yang Polarity Retreat @ Champneys Spa Forest Mere

Our very first joint day retreat

11/11/20232 min read

A well balanced Yin and Yang Retreat at Champneys Spa Forest Mere

On November 11th, we embarked on an extraordinary journey of wellness and self-discovery at the renowned Champneys Spa Forest Mere branch. The retreat began with a warm welcome to the tranquil spa location in Liphook, where guests were greeted with a sumptuous and nourishing breakfast.

The morning unfolded with the inaugural session of Yin and Yang Polarity Flow, a harmonious blend of yin and yang principles. We gently stretched in postures that encouraged deep relaxation, followed by dynamic movements that invigorated our bodies. The practice aimed to bring balance and harmony to our physical and mental well-being.

Next, we delved into Arnie's innovative class, Tribal Fascia Flow, where we explored the fascial connective tissue that weaves throughout our bodies. The class focused on mobilizing and stabilizing the body, enhancing flexibility, and promoting overall well-being.

Midday nourishment took place in a private dining area, where we indulged in a three-course lunch brimming with flavour and wholesome ingredients. The ambiance was convivial and welcoming, fostering connections among the entire group. Some participants sought solace in a calming cup of tea, while others ventured into the spa resort to explore the array of rejuvenating treatments.

The afternoon brought further surprises as we embarked on an AcroFUN yoga workshop. This unique session introduced us to the fundamentals of AcroFUN, a practice that combines yoga and laughter. We learned the roles of the base, flyer, and spotter, working together to create safe and supportive acrobatic formations. The session was not only physically demanding but also filled with laughter and camaraderie.

As the sun began its descent, we gathered for a Yoga Nidra session led by Bethany. This guided meditation technique transported us into a state of deep relaxation, allowing us to release any lingering tensions and experience a profound sense of peace. The gentle guidance and soothing ambiance created a tranquil environment for deep introspection and self-discovery.

To complete our transformational day, we indulged in a rejuvenating session at Champneys Spa Forest Mere. The spa's extensive range of treatments offered a variety of options to pamper ourselves and replenish our bodies and minds. The spa provided the perfect way to unwind and conclude our unforgettable retreat.

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